How Boxing Helps Your Emotional Health

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Growing up it was always hard for me to express my emotions. Coming from a family that didn’t have much emotional support or didn’t allow for the an environment for me to vulnerable, I kept most of my emotions hidden. After a long and hard period of emotional abuse from life, I would snap suddenly.

Even so, before the tipping point, I catch myself being angry at nothing such as the internet taking long to load, or things beyond my control, for whatever reason. That’s why any form of sport is a good way to release that anger and tension without it affecting your life and personal relationships with people.

Sports such as swimming, tennis, running, might help, but especially in today’s day and age where boys are raised to be more feminine, still, and a good boy, they are having a difficult time finding an outlet for their masculinity and darker side of their biology.

If you’ve studied biology and animals, it’s fairly common for the male gender to fight and play with each other aggressively. I noticed when I started boxing with my friend, that I became much more confident, calm, and peaceful. Whenever we had a good session of some punching, I always felt like a heavy bag was lifted off my shoulders.

So I started looking into case studies on how physical exercise improves health, moreso boxing:

However, most importantly I found Elliot Hulse’s channel:

What’s interesting is that he explains that a lot of our physical ailments are because of suppressed emotions and lack of expression. So yes being able to express how you feel in a healthy way is very important for curing certain sickness. If you have sore throat a lot of the time, try speaking up more. If you feel angry, try finding an outlet for that burst of energy.

What we want to do is to ground ourselves as Elliot Hulse explains. When we are grounded we are more rational, clear, and aware of what’s happening. Now of course I am not telling you to become a robot, but you get the gist. You need to find an outlet or express your emotional stress, otherwise it will result as physical illnesses.

So what does this have to do with boxing? Well Boxing is a good outlet for letting your frustration or anger out in a healthy way. As I said most young boys are now punished for horsing around and for displaying very natural behaviors in most Western Cultures. The reason I felt calm and relaxed after a boxing bout had something to do with me letting myself express my masculinity in a healthy way.

In addition, it had the benefit of making me more sure of myself and confident when it came to confrontations. I wasn’t afraid to speak up and stand up for myself.

On that note, I actually got into a fight when a bully at my school tried to make me a laughing stock of the year. What he didn’t know was that I had some level of competence when it came to fighting due to my training sessions with my friend. He obviously didn’t like the fact that I wasn’t willing to retreat in cowardice, so took a good jab, which chipped my tooth (luckily I was able to have dentist fix it at: I returned the favour and after exchanging a few blows he realized that I meant it. He never messed with me again.

Of course I am not advocating people to go looking for fights, but boxing will at least help you be prepared for any physical confrontations if it ever arises.

If you want to find an effective method to release tension and outlet for episodes of anger, try going to your local gym and start punching that sandbag like a mofo until you feel much better. Boxing is a fun sport to watch too. One of my favourite boxers is Prince Naseem. Well it is your choice after all to pick up boxing or not.

Excerpt from a College Athlete

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I’ve been a track athlete throughout my college years. Mind you it was D3, so it was something I mainly did for fun rather than wanting to go as a professional, although some have gone pro as a D3 athlete, most play sports in D3 colleges for the fun of it and a little bit of competition. I wasn’t the most successful nor the best, but I did notice what separated the good athletes from the rest.

Mental focus

A big part of being an athlete is about being able to handle pressure correctly. Some try to suppress any form of excitement and pressure, while others let it affect them significantly. I have found that the best track athletes were able to tune out everything and focus what is at hand. They are not exactly letting the pressure overwhelm them, but they also let their excitement and adrenaline give them a boost as well. Think of it as Batman’s final jump to escape from the prison. The reason he kept failing was because he didn’t fear death, and that in it’s own right is impressive, but he needed that fear and he needed the rush of stressful hormones to make him stronger. Batman needed to have just enough fear to allow him to jump onto the next block.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Of course hard work and dedication is required, but I practiced, and when I mean practiced, I was dedicated to finish what I started, however, some of my teammates didn’t try as hard but were still doing better. Could it have been just talent and genetics? It could have been, but I think it’s a little different. It had more to do with getting the technique right and learning with a good form. Imperfect practice that gets repeated over and over again can actually become a bad habit that results in muscle memory. The reason why it’s called practice is to fine tune everything about what you’re doing wrong. Make use of that time to really develop a good technique and form.

Have Fun

I most of the time beat myself up for not doing as well or for not having done well in meets and championships. If you’re in a team just to practice and compete, you are in a wrong environment. It’s much better to practice with a personal coach and well… compete if you’re that serious about the sport. However, as D3 athletes, most of us will not be going to the Olympics nor become World Record holders, so enjoy the time you have with teammates and relax.


Why Fitness is not enough in sports

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People think you need god given talents and genetics to able to play at the highest level, however I have seen many gifted athletes screw their opportunities because they were not either disciplines enough nor smart enough to realize that skill is only a small factor when it comes to succeeding in sports.

For example, Babe Ruth, one of the best baseball players wasn’t the most skilled player nor the fittest, but he was one heck of a batter. It’s because he knew how to read players queues and used his brain to play the sport.

So next time someone tells you to give up because you don’t have the physical attributes, know that it’s only a part of the game!